E: Pandora


You would be proud of me today. I found the courage to re-add the Taylor Swift channel to Pandora (cue the butt wiggle). I wish I could say hearing her no longer brings sadness to my heart and tears to my eyes, but in truth, the memories of you resurface and I struggle to choke down the emotions I’ve suppressed for months. I don’t miss you any less- the pain has just become a constant agony, one that my soul has learned to no longer fight. I heard ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’ for the first time and broke down because the lyrics spoke me to in a way that I wish you would.


“We had a beautiful, sad love affair

In dreams, I meet you in warm conversation

We both wake in lonely beds, different cities

And time is taking its sweet time erasing you

And you got your demons

And, darling, they all look like me”



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