Promotion and a home

With much delay thanks to the flakey brain of Big Boss (who at times makes me think he is seriously in over his head) I finally got my promotion. What put it into gear? Big bosses Super boss transferred and we got a new Super boss in his place. This move seriously illuminated how under staffed we are in addition to how how 2 managers can’t run the restaurant by themselves. Big Boss doesn’t like to hire new people… it’s a problem. So yeah, by default I got my promotion. Now I get to turn like a rabid dog set lose on a child’s birthday party and make sure my ex coworkers, now employees follow our endless regiment of procedures. Oh and I’m in charge of training the new hires. Oh joy. Not.

A truly good thing DID happen whilst I was working though. We have this stray cat that hangs out behind the restaurant. It’s learned suckers like me work there. I’m always sneaking food out to the cat. I named her Harley a few weeks ago… well, Harley Quinn, but I love abbreviations . She never ever lets me get near her. I assumed she was either feral or has put up with jerks. Either way, Harley is a cautious kitty.

I’ve had this “dream” of some how getting Harley into my cat carrier and taking her home. The Man won’t actually let her into the house until she is tested for all kitty diseases. He doesn’t want to risk the 4 cats we actually own. He’s not wrong, but it jabs at my heart. With the way Harley acts, I’d doubt she’d want to hang out inside my house anyways. I have a rule: My cats are inside only. No way am I risking one of them being the victim of cat haters or you know, traffic. So if I got Harley into my yard, she’d be okay… only um… I have a feral mama and her 3 kits that have already claimed the rights to my back yard ( Cersi, Gerard, Davi, and Gompers – don’t ask about the names…). I don’t know how a feral mama cat would take to sharing her space with another cat, especially a female.

To make a long story short (too late), a customer took Harley tonight, a sweet lady that loves cats just as much as me. She doesn’t have the room, but she couldn’t say no to a cat in need. Today is the first day of the rest of Harley’s life. No more dumpster diving. I’ll miss my “work cat”, but I’m so happy that she’ll finally have a home of her own. I wish I could have taken her home with me, but I think it really is better this way.

**For when I look at this a long time from now: Harley has a lanky build. She’s solid grey with no markings. Her fur is very short She has glaring yellow eyes. She looks like that cat Churchill from Pet Cemetery. The only time I was able to pet her was today. It’s the day her life has changed.** 

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