Skate Tuesday

It is very nice to live in the city that has two different skate scenes in a week. It really works out pretty good for me and helps me being healthy. Tonight’s skate was good! Skated around downtown LA for about 11 miles and ended up at the bar. I left early tho cause I just wanna have some time at home before I go to sleep and I don’t like the food and drink at that restaurant.

Work was pretty good. I think the subscription form is almost ready. There are more improvement I can make but they don’t seem to be worth implementing it since it can possibly overloads over server or slows it down. Committed latest changes to Github at the end of the day. It just needs to be confirmed and implemented on the live site. Of course there will be some changes to make before that by going through confirming process.

Just wanna add one thing that I found myself enjoying the time being in the office. Love the people and work so far. I want to write about it more and really need to find time for that. I just expect things to be moving little faster so we can push the new theme to live. I want to create something that everyone is proud of and will try my best to make that happen!

It’s already end of Wednesday. Time goes by so fast lately. Midnight now. Gotta go to sleep for tomorrow.

Goodnight all!

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