The Beauty of My Mother

I wrote this poem after a conversation my siblings and I had with her as she reminisced about the hardships she and Dad went through in the early years of their marriage with four small children to raise.  She’d explain how hard it was to leave her parents, siblings, and homeland to a new country. 

~ Mahal nah mahal kita, Mama. ~


The Beauty of My Mother

Hardships hidden behind her loving eyes.
Pain of separation and loss.
Continuous was her sorrow,                                
And yet she persevered for love endured…                  
Her light, her fire inspired by four.                                          

She carries heavy remembrance of Past –                              
Oh how Memory can nurture or kill the soul!                         
Yet, every whispering words of painful reminiscence       
only substantiates her worth, love, devotion – existence;     
for whispering words only exude a praiseful song,
“By five you were loved, still loved, more loved now and forevermore.”

This past – her past – unknown to her four.                             
All that was seen was the illumination on her face.                  
Her gentle smile seen at every glance.                                
Happiness in her gazing eyes.                                     
Gentle to innocent souls                                   
who clung to affection at every chance                              
from this perfect imperfect being.                                  
Recognition of love forged unto everlasting.

More words can describe of thee                            
– Graceful, loving, breathtaking… –                  
Still, none can capture the essence of she…
 the Beauty of my Mother.

© 2005 M.A.Q.B. All rights reserved.



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