This is what we do, King Jesus

Work went really long, Almighty God, through the Heavenly Savior, King Christ Jesus.  Nothing in the morning went as planned.  Everything seemed to be behind time; I was shy in asking Mary Jo about unlocking the offices.  I felt better today, though, getting off that train of thought.

I felt less miserable, King Jesus.  I felt more blessed.  The clouds and scenery looked beautiful to me, whereas the past 3 week, it has not, Almighty God.  The day went very well, aside from things not going as fast as usual.  It seemed to be one thing after the other; even Donnelle got into the mix with a request that I couldn’t agree to.  Surprising it did go as well as it did being that I only got 6 or so hours of sleep.  There is football on tomorrow.  The Texans and somebody else.  Brock Osweiller, the former Denver QB will play.  It’s really pretty outside Lord God, really pretty.  I’m having a hard time remembering what I was thinking about earlier in the work day.  It’s 4:10, and I have been home for an hour now.  I had a bite to eat.  Thank You, Almighty God.  It must not have been very important.  

I thought about Your forgiveness, King Jesus, even unto me.  I feel like the smallest of humans living right now.  I can’t speak for past generations, Almighty God.  They’re were some pretty wily creations in the past.  Remembering now those many nights when I would very specifically ask You for a clear voice that I still belonged to You.  I have to say, I believe that You gave it to me.  If I am wrong, then I am wrong, but for now, Almighty God, I will keep believing that I am Yours and keep rebuking the wicked one, that wretched wicked one from old.  If I walk over to my Momma’s and Bob’s, then will I grow faint, King Jesus?  Could I get that tire finished?  That would be nice.  I guess I’ll find out, Almighty God, because I am going now.  Praise You, King Jesus.  amen.  Oh…  I want to study Bavaria.  And our new author friend, Lynn, was very nice in the email.  bless You.  

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