Bikini Lines

Dear diary,

I had the house to myself today finally. I was up all night the night before knowing I would have all day to finally be myself. I got up early, but my parents were both still home. So I faked that I was still sleeping. I waited about an hour before they finally left. I got up so fast! I ran to the window just to make sure they were gone. I kept checking the window every 5 minutes. Finally grabbed my stuff from my hiding spot and and turned on some of my girl jams. As I blasted “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, I turned on the shower and waiting for it to warm. I did some prep before jumping in the shower. A little pre-shave with the electric razor. 

Finally out of the shower and smelling sweet, I put some panties on and put on some of my moms androgynous sweats and a tank top and headed to a Target in another town so I don’t run into anyone I know. Since it was summer, I intended to buy my first bikini(!!!!). I got there early enough that there wasn’t many people there so I headed straight for the area where they are. I already knew my size by trying on my mother’s one day. As I was perusing the racks, I see in the distance a friend from classes. I quickly get out of the area and walk around, hoping to dodge her. Unfortunately, I ran into her. She’s asks me “hey, what are you doing up here?” “Oh you know, running some errands”. “All the way out here?” she asks suspiciously. “Well, if you’re free on Saturday, a bunch of us girls are going to the pool. Maybe you could join us. We need some dudes there.” We’ve known each other pretty well for a while and we’ve done this trip many times. “Sure, I’m totally in”. I walk around the store for a bit and see her leave. 

“Finally!” I walk back to the Bikini section but I am deterred by the big group other girls, high school aged, there as well. However, I am determined to do this so I go there and ignore the side glances from the teeny boppers. I find the cutest leopard print bikini bottom with pink side ties and the matching bikini top. It’s absolutely fab. 

I rush home(!!!) and do my hair and makeup. I was having a lil fashion show, changing outfits, touching up my face and lips constantly, taking cute pics and practicing my female voice in videos. After an hour or so of this, I slipped into my teeny bikini. It fits fabulously and I look gorgeous. I hardly believe that’s me. So I get the brazen idea to go outside. I check the yard to see if there are any neighbors out. The coast was clear and I start walking around. I can’t believe I am outside like this. I felt so naked!!!! 

I sit-down on the lounge chair we have and do what all girls do in the sun and put some of my lotion on all over my freshly shaven smooth skin. I am on my computer, looking at make up tutorials, watching music videos, chatting in cross dressing chatrooms. An hour went by and I get bored and hot so I go back inside inside. I go to the bathroom to change into some more women’s clothes and notice I have a considerable tan line on my shoulders from the bikini top. I look down and notice that my bottom is tanned as well. “Sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t”.

I have bikini tan lines. How am I going to explain this to my friend???? Should I tell her I can’t make it??? Should I wear my bikini to the get together????? It’s the beginning of summer and now I don’t think I can go out without a shirt on or else everyone will know.

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