Entry #1 Introduction

ok so ive never really kept a journal or diary before in my life. i mean yeah ive tried but its just way too much commitment for me. i dont know why but just lately ive been really inspired to just write things, you know? ive been really inspired to just talk (mostly to myself) just about life and everything that goes  on in it. im no poet or no professional journalist or anything i just have a lot of thoughts i dont get to express that often. and when i say a lot i mean a lot! i dont really talk to many people about anything important. just really simple, non meaningful conversations.never really get to express  my opinions on certain topics or my personal beliefs. i mean its not really something you go around having conversations about with random pedestrians you find throughout your day. on the bright side though i just started this humanities class in my community college and im really excited for it. she said its going to be a class where we learn how to think and how to build morals and thoughts of our own. hopefully it lives up to the expectations i have for it. im pretty sure no ones really going to read this either but thats ok. im doing this for myself, for my enjoyment. not for anyone elses. but i mean if you do enjoy reading this little piece of shit im writting, thank you.

well anyways i have to be up early tomorrow so goodnight my fellow humans.

xoxo, anonmarie003 

4 thoughts on “Entry #1 Introduction”

  1. something i can relate to so much, tonight is my first time finding this website and I’m on this for the same reasons as you just explained…. i hope we both can commit to this lol

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