introduction, get to know me

my name is Mackenzie I’m officially 17 years old since Tuesday September 20th. i love the idea of writing and getting all your thoughts out, for some reason though i have never been able to commit to keeping a journal. The idea of keeping an online journal where i have the option of putting in public or putting it public is just amazing

lets get to the part where you actually getting to know me, like i said i am 17 years old I’m a sophomore in high school i am behind just half a credit because i had dropped out for a little due to bullying but i got back into it and i caught up quite a bit but sadly i am behind a tad so i am supposed to be a junior. the state i live in is texas ill keep the city to myself… i have a older sister who i am very close too as my mother too I’m actually quite close with my whole family. music is my escape as it is for quite a lot of other people.

this whole journal entry is new to me and I’m excited to explore into it some more. i hope whoever is reading this is ready for my roller-coaster life i plan to be quite open about things so expect a lot of more entries hopefully… Goodnight everyone sleep tight. lets get ready for a new day tomorrow love you all night

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