My day/life

 My story is different and complicated and sad then others.

Long story short, my dads deported and my moms always up and down going from mexico to California. 

The sad part is that i always had my dad and mom taken away from me from doing just one  tiny mistake. Now its mainly my dad and for my age im going through way more then i should have.

i miss my dad every single day. I miss him coming from work and all of us eating together. I miss him being there for me, my mother and my sister. 

I cry every single day just because i want my family back to how it all was before they took my dad away from us.

i saw my dad monday and tuesday and man do i miss him. I feel as if my life is just shattering to peices with out him.

i hate seeing my mom sad and stressed out with bills, i try and help her vut i just win minimum wage which is nothing.

I like to write to take eveything out and what i feel. It makes me feel lighter even though nothing changes. 

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