Thursday, 9/22/16, HPER computer lab, 7:46am

After slacklining outside in Elmwood for rock climbing class on Tuesday I went to the cricket store because my phone crapped out so I had to buy a new one. Then to Saigon Surface and had the green papaya shrimp salad for lunch. Then went to immigration for masters with JLA.  I got done and ran to a gas station in carter lake for water and snacks and then went and sat on the corner of 24th & Lake to do my bicycle/pedestrian count.  It was nice to sit there in the sun and listen to podcasts and people watch for a while. 

Then I went to DJ’s dugout to eat dinner and see Gabe.  He told me the story of what had happened with his dad the night before and that morning.  His dad called him lazy and a fucking loser a whole bunch of times.  He told him that he is a liability and that he can’t wait until Gabe turns 18 so he doesn’t have to mess with this shit anymore.  He went through drive-thru and got dinner for himself but none for Gabe.  He elbowed him in the chest to show him he’s not afraid to physically hurt him. When they got to the house, Bori was really happy to see Gabe and wanted to play with him but his dad kept telling him no, “we don’t play with assholes,” and shut him up in his own room. He sent Gabe to bed. His room had nothing in it. He had taken all of this stuff out.  It was an empty room with a bed.  In the morning, his dad took him to South and demanded to speak to a principal or someone in charge.  He and Gabe went into someone’s office and his dad said he needed to transfer him there. Gabe said he didn’t want to. Hugo asked the person if they could talk in private and when they went into a back room, Gabe took off. He came back to my house and went to bed.  He said he hadn’t slept well because he didn’t trust his dad. 

I had court with JRF all day yesterday. Masters in the morning and then an individual 42B in the afternoon. Over lunch I had to run to cricket to fix my new phone. Then I went to Kitchen Table. As I was walking out to the patio to sit at a table B was walking right by. He stood and talked to me while I waited for my food. Then he took a phone call and walked down and stood in front of Jazz while he talked on the phone and then came back and sat with me while I ate. Then he walked me to my car. I went back to court. I taught aerial after that. I had one cool chic in silks and 8 cool chics in hammock. We had a great time. 

This morning I dropped Gabe off at school and then drove to HPER. I got a call from an Omaha police officer on the way.  Hugo filed a missing persons report on Gabe. The officer just needed to check that Gabe was with me and at school. He said that he told Hugo that it was a civil matter and he needed to go back to court.  He cancelled the missing persons. He sounded as if he thought Hugo was an unreasonable idiot.  Or maybe I’m projecting. 




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