I dont know if you want to hear that I met someone I think I could end up caring for in your absence…it’s not like you left me on purpose and I struggle with my undying love and loyalty to you and my empty, loveless life without you. My friendship with my friend from Oregon was never about being in love and though I value that friendship immensely, it never felt like I was moving on…you were still my everything even after almost 6 years of being alone…I still know I’m never not going to love or miss you…but I find myself wanting to see my new friend in spite of those facts…he’s like you in many ways…very kind, sweet, thoughtful…he’s a hunter…he speaks to me with respect and gentleness as you did…hes not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve…men like you are so few and far between…I’m afraid if I don’t embrace this opportunity that I’ll lose hope of ever feeling happy again…perhaps he’s the best thing since you. You taught me everything about real love Rhett…and I can’t tell you how hard it is to live without..once you’ve tasted the sweetness of unconditional love, how can we forget….or turn our backs on it? More tonight baby….I love you….always, no matter what.

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