23rd of September 2016

So. It’s nighttime, over here, and my sister is moving out tommorow, moving into uni. I’ll be sad to see her go, especially as now I’ll be an only child 😞.

I know that sounds selfish, but I am dreading it. More chores, loneliness, just by myself. And I’ll miss her – of course!

I told my close friends my username on here. They all complemented me on my posts, which felt nice, because I was nervous to share them. I mean, it is a peek into my mind. I wouldn’t share that with anybody.

They created an account each too, except for Hayley, she’s not that type of girl, I don’t think.

Well, and Aaron, but he wasn’t on at the time.

I think they’re new to this kind of thing, but who knows, they might love it, and be excellent at it. It’s just a journal, but to me, it’s a big thing, so I’m glad they respected it. 👍🏻

Thats just an update, I guess. I can’t believe I’ve had this journal for 9 entire months now. 

I can hear M packing her stuff in the next room, I am a little sad about it to be honest. But life goes on, and it’s not like I can do anything about it, the house will just seem weird, empty, even. She isn’t one to make noise, but still.

I think that is it. I understand this wasn’t very exciting, as an update, but I just wanted to write. I’m glad I didn’t give this up, I honestly think it has helped me, it’s a sort of therapy, a moment away, a place to spill EVERYTHING. 

I’m so glad it’s Friday, I’m worn out, not tired, just worn out, from this week. 

Im really looking forward to Halloween this year, even though it’s on a school night. I hope Jem throws her annual party, just the weekend before, they’re always fun, and she says she wants to pick out some scary movies this year, which I’ll probably regret later but I’m excited about, for now. 

I think that is it, my diary. Oh yes, today some kid got an internal suspension, for swearing at the teacher and punching the white board. He’s new, so now everybody thinks he has anger issues and got expelled from his old school. He really didn’t do himself any favours there, it’ll be hard to make friends now. Very hard. 

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