Day 208 – Happy and sad

Thursday, September 22nd 2016

Today was a little saddening. But overall still good.

I started off with coding and I am nearly done HTML. I have to do a test I believe and start my website.

I then had alimentation and we made a chocolate mug cake. It was delicious. I will now be making that for my family this weekend. It’s very easy and quick to do and it tastes like a lava cake, which I absolutely love.

I then had lunch and I sat with my close friend. Our other close friend was hosting an improv presentation during lunch. It was quite funny since at some point the characters were a pregnant woman and Mikey Mouse, then the location Disney Land. The pregnant woman was put on a ride and then went into labour… This was the dialogue :

Person in charge of the ride : What’s wrong?!

Woman : The baby!

Person : What baby?

Woman : I’m pregnant!

Person: *turns to audience* SHE’S PREGNANT! *proceeds to jump between her legs and pretend to be the baby*

It was… an interesting sight.

Then I had technology class. Kohai and I made an episode on the Star Wars original movies. While we were muted or after the episode, she kept saying these things that were negative about herself. I kept telling she was not those things, but she got stubborn. I hope she understands that she is an incredible and amazing person, honest, kind, caring, loyal and dependable. Makes me sad that she doesn’t think so when I think she’s one of the greatest people in the universe.

I then had math and we got to a subject where I am not particularly good at, so tomorrow I’m gonna have to study a bit before our quiz.

When I got home I prepared for the Little Cup tourney on the server and it was rescheduled. So instead I played some Dead by Daylight and watched people saving wild baby bunnies on YouTube cause I don’t know? I was bored I suppose. And it was cute, sad and happy.

That’s all for today.

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