Day In My Life

went to the mall today.

all by myself. i mean i have no choice but to go all by myself because i have no friends.

when i say i have no friends i literally mean i have zero friends. i moved to this state a year ago, just started taking classes at a community college last week. its such a small town, it seems like everyone knows each other in  my classes..  they all went to high school together and im just there. im a bit shy so i dont really talk to anyone. i mean i wouldn’t really care if it weren’t the only place i could actually make friends. i have a job but everyone i work with is way older than me. im 19.. everyone else is mostly in their 30s or older.  friends will come eventually. tomorrows the first day of my 3rd class. im excited, hopefully there’s some cool interesting people in this class. its a class about fitness and wellness which im not too interested in i just have to take it. sucks that its from 9am until 12. i wish my math class was that long. math is such a hard subject for me. even more now since we’re not allowed to use calculator. i never learned how to do math without a calculator.  and its too late to drop the class and get a refund. which is one of the reasons i hate how schools work in the US. they make you pay thousands of dollars for your classes weeks prior to your first class. but only give you two days to get a refund if you dont want to take that class. i think thats complete bullshit. also i believe having to pay so much money for textbooks is ridiculous. paying for an education is ridiculous.

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