Feel tired all day…

Idk why but I felt tired all day and at this moment too. Maybe cause of lack of sleep? I didn’t go to sleep till 1 in the morning last night too by working on the side project that I’m really into at the moment. Also, spent some hours after work to make things work. It just gets more complicated as I solve one issue each time lol However, it’s so much fun to work on it and feel great to learn new things. I’m really enjoying this!

Work was good! one more commit for new subscription form then moving on to theme project. Going through all the functions and realizing how messy they are… Things get better when we get the new theme up. Indian food for lunch today and stayed at the office till around 7 PM with most of dev team. It was fun to be with all those people.

Dosung came to pick me up after work and drove to his place. Had a instant noodle dinner and helped him moving some of his stuffs to new place. Good size studio in K-town. It looks great for the price. Makes me wanna get my own place as well but I know that I’m not ready for that at the moment. Back home around little after 11 PM and just took a shower. 11:39 PM now and I’m so ready to sleep.

The weather seems very crazy tonight. Very strong wind going around the city. Looks very intimidating. I haven’t seen this wind before in LA but seems like it happens quite often. Just interesting to see. Well, going sleep now. Goodnight All!

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