Leave the Winter on the Ground


Hi King Jesus.  Hi everybody.  I just got off work, that fundamental cascade of necessity.  Colorado is beautiful today.  It is around 84 F, sunny with polka dot pastel grays and blues clouds, and the trees are still in full force, albeit a leaf or two falling from some cottonwoods in my backyard.  Indian Summer imported from 1636 is on the horizon, and Winter will be foiled once again, that strange death, that mirror of spirituality, winter.  I don’t know why I thought this next notion.

    Whoever you are, where ever you’re at, don’t quit dreaming.  There is that this life has to offer.  That isn’t to say you should love your own life to the point to where you’re conceited or selfish.  Is that confusing?  If it is, then consider it.  Are there any movies that champion being selfish and living entirely for yourself?  None of them.  They sell the contrary.  Even Hollywood knows the virtue in living graciously.  And if Hollywood can get that right, then so can we.

    My current job is a mystery.  I won’t say what I do, but it is curious.  I can use it for the time and sweat I put in it.  After a little while longer, if continue to show good faith and work ethic, then I will create a good reference, until the better job becomes available.  And that will be a holy sight.  Unless you’re a trust fund baby or a lottery winner, in the world of occupations, hard work is the only choice most of us have.  And the Poet who wrote, “All hard work returns a profit” was telling the truth.  So for as long as we have America, and its freedoms, its peace and rewards, why don’t we work hard?  I hope we all do.  There is no reason to live in adjunct poverty, unless we are disabled and have no other choice.  Work hard.  Complain little.  Shine bright like a diamond, as they say 🙂  You won’t be disappointed.  I cannot speak for women, because I am no woman.

      But, if you are a male, and you work hard, your wife or girlfriend will be the happiest in the town/city, your kids or cousins will enjoy you more, your parents will think fondly of you, and you will not be ashamed.  Work harder and smarter, not one or the other, for those very reasons.  They are worth it.  The schemers will suffer loss.  The lazy will suffer loss.  The dishonest will suffer loss.  But the man who works hard, he will not lose.  After you’ve worked hard for some time, a significant portion of time, you will find that you too will feel better, lovelier, more beautiful, more masculine, and you’ll find yourself standing up for the right things.  We as Americans have no other way.  The other way is death, and no good thing ever came from death.  That is why Christ had to come conquer it for us.  Death may be our last enemy, but it is an enemy.  He calls it thus.  The man who works hard will not be unhappy.  The Christian who works hard will not suffer death.  Amen.  

     My family is having a cookout right now.  It started while I was still working.  We have relatives visiting from the Midwest.  I’ll go over eventually and eat a hot dog and cheeseburger.  I figure it was a good day for them.  Or it was at least a good time.  I didn’t eat much yesterday, and I just realized I had a small lunch.  So I am a bit hungry.  

    And the sun just went behind our clouds.  I hope tonight and tomorrow is great or merciful.  Both would be pretty great.  There are so many great stories to write.  About the boy who always had a bird on his shoulder, but didn’t hear him speak until he got older.  The girl in the window, of whom there is so much to write.  The German Princess story, of how she was born in gold, found what that gold had to offer, then found her hometown, and a pastor, wrote a poem, then found a family, finally.  Heavenly Highways need to be spoken of, in detail, just not obtuse prose.  The Reality of the Fire Hearts, or The Star Kids, to let those few know that they aren’t alone; Salvation Kids.  Those stories never die, because they are real, more fiction than fiction as it goes, so it goes.  

We must live while we can live.  We must be alive while we are alive.  What do you get when you mix an artist and a man who carries around a dictionary?  LOL.. I’m not sure, yet.  

Praise You, Christ Jesus.  Have mercy, Your mercy on us.


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