Sorry I haven’t been on here for a while but our phone went out and along with that we lost our internet.  Thanks Verizon.  We heard every story in the book from the problem is in our house to they can’t make it today because their truck broke down.  SO the husband sat home for three days waiting for the technician and was on the phone with them in India (they fixed the phone first but FORGOT to hook up the wire for the internet).  Long story short my internet is currently working but like the husband says it works only until the stars align and the rains come from the west. 

I don’t totally know where I left off but the last chemo went well.  Also had an appointment with my primary care doctor and I mentioned the stiffness I feel all the time.  She said estrogen had something to do with it and this got me to thinking that somewhere I think I heard that estrogen causes cancer cells to reproduce and so the chemo also attacks the estrogen and you need the estrogen to keep youthful but don’t quote me on  any of this being medical fact but I will talk to my oncologist at my next appointment which isn’t until the end of October.  In all of this I know what it must feel like to be 85 years old.  My pcp changed my blood pressure medication.  On the medical end that pretty much covers things except chemo first week of October, echo next week and more chemo and dr appointment end of October and another ct scan in December. 

On to other news.  The Steelers won their first two games “Here We Go”.  Went to the local amusement park aka Kennywood with the son.  We had a good time except when  I looked at each ride I remembered how much fun it is and then I thought to myself can I get in to the ride and if I get in can I get back out.  And yes two rides gave me difficulty.  Like I got STUCK.  Hard time getting out but I had FUN.   So I will update this soon as long as Verizon cooperates.

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