Day 209 – Sad day turned happy

Friday, September 23rd 2016

Today was… A good day. It was a sad one, but a good one in the end.

The day started with my bus getting lost. We got totally off track and I was a few minutes late to class because of it, but it wasn’t a big deal. A few buses arrived late as well, if they all got lost, I don’t know.

I started with alimentation and our teacher started talking about our school and how we say it’s so boring activity wise, but it is because we as students don’t participate. This came up, because it was Franco Day, so Journée Franco (celebrates French speaking Ontarians). Because of that… Now I wanna do something fun. Like, get some people who are up for it (cause not sure if I can be in the spotlight, just be part of the plan) and just prank the school (harmlessly) or something. Cause the school wasn’t pranked on since the year before I joined it. There was police tape everywhere because that’s what the students decorated the school in.

I then had coding and our teacher gave us a free period. I didn’t do much since I forgot my pencil case at home and was too shy to ask for one.

I had lunch and it was very difficult to hear each other because of the loud French music. It was funny though cause one of my close friends (previously went by the name Rainbow in my entries) is the mascot this year. She came up to us and gave us high fives. Kohai and I left early though because we had to study for our math quiz, which luckily ended up in me having a borrowed calculator since I forgot my case.

We had our math quiz and it went well except for the last question. Kohai became really sad because of it. In our technology class we locked ourselves in the podcast room and someone walked in at some point and I had to shoo her away because Kohai obviously didn’t want to be seen in the state that she was. So when someone came in I tried to act normal and just say “Oh we’re starting soon.” and they walked off. I tried cheering her up with cat videos and doing this noise I can do with my mouth that sounds like pencil writing, which made her laugh, but then I started crying cause she was. She was just so hurt and feels these negative things about herself and then she saw me cry and asked why I was crying and chuckled, which I chuckled too and then started bursting out without eye contact (can’t make it when I cry) that I don’t get why she feels all these things about herself when I feel like she’s just the best person in the world, the smartest, kindest, dependable, caring, loyal person I know. She said nice things about me too and after that we had quite a few minutes of silence before hugging it out, doing the pencil writing noise I can make for laughs and start talking about makeup, waxing and earrings then we walked out and our teacher asked us for our opinion. So I jumped on the couch in front of his desk (bumped Kohai on the way) and looked at the screen. I suggested instead of buying a shirt of what he made (Star Wars mixed with our school) I said I would buy a poster and he liked that idea. Then he pointed out how he used our school’s logo to mix it with the title at the bottom which wasn’t very noticeable since it was small (I was looking at that for like 20 seconds) and I said “Yeah, I saw.” and he didn’t believe that apparently and so we laughed and he called my Pinocchio and said my nose was growing longer. Then bell rang and he just shooed me off jokingly while I yelled “I’m telling the truth!” and as we left he said “Gee what kind of students do I have?” So Kohai and I laughed as we were walking away.

When I got home I went on the server to help prepare for the update. After eating delicious shawarmas, Kohai and I talked, her sister was there too so that was funny, and we played on the server.

In the end, all was good.

That’s all for today.

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