Rated R Story: Wednesday Morning Between 11:00-12:10pm

Explicit Content***


It was my day off and decided that I wanted to fuck with someone on CL. Apparently, his pic and his cock looked huge ( I loved it and was thinking about it last night). I started to get ready for him with the black smokey eyes and was supposed to wear a red baby doll (changed my mind and wore something casual because I texted him that maybe we could rent a room). I kept texting him telling that I was waiting for him and he said that it would take around an hour to get here.  I finished getting ready and went to the window to look at when he arrives. So nervous and yet fucking excited!!

When I see a blue car coming on my way, my heart beat was quite fast. I see the white dude on his way to the door and got “disappointed” (not so much but still was) because he looked much skinnier than I like. Obviously, there was nothing to do. He knocks and let him in, showing the way to a room….

He went on from behind and started to take out my tank top, I turned around and took his shirt off revealing his tattoos. I undid his pants all the way and he did the same with my pants and panties. I told him if I could suck his cock off and said “hell yeah”. So, I opened my mouth and suck him all the way as he was holding my head. I look at him while I sucked up and down, to his balls tasting each one. At the next couple of  minutes, he starts to drip pre cum on my mouth and I swallow, I kept sucking until I told him to fuck me. 

I got in all fours and he was trying to put his cock inside but he loses the erection. I told him if he could lick my pussy while I do his cock and perhaps could wake him up and he laid down while I got on top to work that fucking cock out.

Around 6-7 mins, he told me he wanted to try again and I got in doggy style, him pulling me at the edge of the bed. I waited until I felt him inside and that was probably the best part of the fucking hahaha. He began to fuck me really really hard that it hurt, I was moaning and screaming as he pull my hair.. feeling so fucking good. I told him it felt so good, “to keep me fucking hard” “fuck yeah” “oh yes”.  At that moment, my wetness was dripping from my pussy to my thighs

Later, I got on top of him and started to ride his dick. I was feeling exhausted already from the fuck behind but I wasn’t stopping. Fucking some more until he made me laid on my stomach and fucked me hard again, putting his weight on me. It felt just amazing, I was literally crying from pain and pleasure until we both came.

Afterwards, he was ranting about his busy day that I simply didn’t care hahaha. I offered him water and left some mins

*He fucked me good but I don’t plan to see him again*

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