Reasons I’m here

Well, what better way to start than to explain why I chose to make this account.. I won’t state my name for privacy reasons but I will say that I’m a 20 year old female living in southern California. Born in Mexico but raised here in L.A. So, I have a mixture of both places influencing my daily life. My entries will mainly be in English but will sometimes include some Spanish.

Anyway, I’m in the point of my life where all I basically do is work, come home, sleep, wake up the next day and do chores. All my highschool friends pretty much do the same and since I’ve only kept in touch with a very few number of close friends, I will admit that most of the time it gets very boring and lonely since I hardly talk to them, much less see them. I do keep a diary in which I write as if I’m talking to an actual person but let’s be real, that diary will never give me answers to my questions. So why not write my entries on here? Maybe someone out there can give me advice or answers to my troubled questions. I do plan on writing about my life. And it may be very personal so I will be changing the names of people and places.. I will be very raw too and sometimes it may be too much for some people so here’s your warning! 

Hopefully people can read my entries and find my life interesting. 💭

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