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I’m exhausted… physically & mentally. I’m beat. My life lately has been work, work, work. I haven’t actually seen The Man, the love of my life, the father of my children in over 2 days. Why? Our shifts have been exactly the opposite of each other’s. Now it’s 4 am and I’m next to The Man and he’s sleeping. I’ve got no one to vent to about all my work woes.

My work is full of fuck ups. Seriously. Big Boss changed the schedule mid-week and didn’t notify the appropriate people. I was supposed to get out early tonight because I’m already on over time… but because of this critical mistake an employee who was suddenly made aware that she was late for her shift because it was changed AFTER the fact up and quit on us. It sucks but I really can’t blame her. It’s a really chaotic work environment.

Have you ever had to go to bat for some one even though you know they are wrong? I was in that tough spot tonight. My friend got into a heated argument with a customer… He wasn’t really trying to resolve what ever the heck happened… but I know the customer threatened to call the police (which would have gotten her no where, honestly). Now I’m in the position of what the fuck do I do if Big Boss asks me what the he’ll happened? Tensions wouldn’t be so high if we had decent staffing… and Big Boss is slacking on new hires.

Even in my journal I can’t escape work!!! Eek!!! I really, really wanted to quit tonight. Just be done with it. Done with the madness. I think it’d be better just to look for a new job first though. Got to stay responsible.

Suppose that’s it for tonight. Tomorrow I’m supposed to work 5 – 2. I’m hoping the fact that I’m already over in hours means that I’ll get sent home early. Doubtful. Wish me luck.


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  1. What do you do for work?

    My advice is to always have your co-workers back, in private if it’s not possible in public. Get a good cop/bad cop routine going with him or her so that whenever you fuck him he can pretend to throw you under the bus. That way it’ll get the customer to shut up without having to ruin your working relationship. You know your co worker better and maybe he or she just had a bad day. It sucks when you have to deal with a customer on those days and i”m not saying what your co worker did was right, but at least with this approach you get to please both people. Just work this plan out with your co worker. Otherwise, he/she will think you’re throwing them under the bus for real. You can talk shit about the customer later, lol.

  2. I’m a hourly manager at a semi popular chain restaurant (won’t stay which one).

    My friend is actually my superior. He’s a shift manager – the position I’m in training for). His thing is – if people act stupid – he will treat them stupid. If people throw him an attitude – he’ll give one right back. I understand why he thinks that’s okay, but when your whole job is based on customer service and quality control – it doesn’t fly.

    So with the whole situation last night – he was in the wrong. However, he’s extremely overworked and under staffed. Big Boss does a crappy job with ordering so we run out of too much stuff. Service times are slow because we lack the appropriate number of staff per shift. It’s impossible to meet our goals. Employees get away with too much stuff (not really working) because we can’t discipline them because we can’t afford to lose more staff.

    So my friend is in the wrong for how he treats our guests… but it’s because he is overwhelmed and over worked. He doesn’t get the support he needs. When Big Boss asks me about this altercation I feel like I should defend my friend… even though I know he was dead wrong for arguing with a customer like that. It was definitely a case of a bad day.

    I asked my friend just to tell me what to say to Big Boss when I’m questioned about it so our stories will be similar. If I’m honest it’ll be along the lines of

    “I really don’t know what led up to it. I was busy with my own duties. The kitchen was short 2 cooks so I was filling in over there. When I heard the arguing I peeked to see what was going on, but all I heard was said guest yelling at the top of her lungs. When *blank* asked her to leave because she was upsetting the other guests – she threatened to call the police. At that point I retreated back to the kitchen to help with a large order that needed to go out.”

    So as far as what happened I’m in the dark. My friend wants me to defend him and stick up for him (like mentioning WHY we had an employee quit that night). I need to do so without blame…. because basically I’ll be twisting the story from the altercation to what the real problems are.

  3. That’s a perfect approach. You’re subtly bringing it to the attention of the Big Boss that you don’t know what happened because you were understaffed which is technically an issue the Big Boss needs to figure out… ASAP!
    I work in an understaffed and neglected customer service unit so I completely relate. I let my (unofficial) manager get away with a lottttt of complaining concerning our bosses because they leave her high and dry to handle everything.

    When it doubt look at customer service memes! They cheer me right up lol

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