Adderall from a Rapist

Just left Mesharis house picked up what I’m already prescribed, Adderall. Last I saw him I found a camera in the bathroom where I was taking a shower. Call me crazy for going back, but he’ll get his. Im waiting for a warrant to surface before I decide anything. Call it what you want. Karmas a bitch…

Boregore is blasting threw the bass Something ill miss once I’m picked up for this violation, God knows when. September 3rd was my birthday I spent it with my friend Drew on Randall’s Island NYC for a 3 day festival, Electronic Zoo. Raged. Even though I got pick pocked twice once for my Galaxy Note5 then later for my wallet. Their good. Fucked us, thank you for Western Union and Drew’s 20 year old bro to send us 400. Did I mention we managed to get our selfs out of the Hilton? Yes. I was intoxicated. Which was against their policy, disregard the full service bar located in the lobby. Idia, the hotel manager had it out for us since day one. She even had the nerve to notify the police who made me go to the hospital for a toxicology test to prove I was on no drugs… I did have a BAC in which was over the legal limit of BAC .12

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