so here is my first entry….or confession.  I decided to try and find some ways to express what is happening in my life but in a private way.  last week I started going to a therapist, which was a major step for me considering I’ve always been able to handle my own.  I’ve always been the one that friends come to for advice.  I have good morals & values & I always tend to make the right choices.  I don’t know how I ended up getting into the situation I’m in today.  I’m even hesitant to write anything on here.  I’ve cruised the website & it does seem like everything is private.  actually… I do know how I ended up getting myself into this mess.  it’s just I never thought that it would be me.  I’ve seen other women do these things & I judged them,  never understanding there could be more.  maybe other women can learn from my story…

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