Day 210 – Sushi and patronus

Saturday, September 24th 2016

Today was fun! We went to the sushi place I last went with Kohai. The food was good although my mom wasn’t a fan of sushi and my dad was healing from being sick, so he couldn’t try a lot. Though it was going good, we saw a cockroach and my dad killed it. He warned the manager secretly from other customers and she thanked us and gave us a discount. I am just glad I got to stuff myself with all of their delicious food, although the service could have been a bit better, and no cockroach. It was better when I went with Kohai; it was probably just because it was busier today that it wasn’t as good.

Then I went on the server for a while and Kohai eventually joined me. We built a storage room and she talked about how she went to take German classes. I then had supper and made chocolate mug cakes for everyone. The results went well and they liked it. I went back on the server and we had an ice boat race because it’s now 1.10.2. Also, we took a patronus quiz since PrettyInBlack informed me. She got a type of terrier and I got a hedgehog. I was angry for the first few seconds, but then I liked it. It was probably because I was hoping for a rabbit since the personality matches me a lot, but a hedgehog is still small and cute, plus it can represent how it is guarded with the spikes but can open up from their ball, like me. Also, the quiz was really cool with the animations and all.

That’s all for today.

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