full of feelings

I hate that I feel like I have so much to write yet I just can never get it out. I want to write so much but nothing ever comes out…. I just want to get everything out of my head because I feel like I’m going to explode with all my thoughts. my mom my step-dad my sister and her husband and of course my love life are all a mess and all these things are big puzzles pieces in my life but I feel like if I cant glue them together soon ill just end up losing all of them at the same time, without these puzzles pieces I wouldn’t know how to live, yes that is dramatic but that’s just how I feel. I have many other “puzzle pieces” in my life but the pieces that I just listed is what is giving me major anxiety and issues right now. I don’t know how to talk to my sister because she doesn’t listen to me when it comes to more serious things, I cant talk to my mom because what shes doing is causing her major happiness yet such sadness and I don’t know how to handle it or talk about it, my step dad and I really don’t talk anymore but that’s because were just not as close and that scares me because I love him yet I feel like hes slipping away more and more each day, and of course when it comes to finding me a boyfriend or even someone to talk to it never works out and that’s all I want right now I want someone to give me attention I want someone to like me and lastly I just want to see someone work out for me. I can never hold on to someone long enough to date because I get bored with them they get bored with me or it just falls through and I feel like I just need something stable in my life right now and I far from that and that scares me because I don’t know what to do about all this that’s going on…. what will I do? what will I say? will I even say anything ? now that’s the next problem to face

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