It’s a Sunday night…

Again. Monday always seems to come around super fast, but the week drags on for ages. I guess that’s just the way it is. I really hate school, at the moment. Usually, school is kind of a, dreading it but not actually so bad once you get there kind of thing. Nowadays, it’s all hard, every little bit. I think I’m putting myself under too much stress, it’s not that the work is extremely hard, but i don’t let it go when I get something wrong, especially now GCSEs are closer. I can’t believe we’re picking our subjects soon, I really am not ready. I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but… Honestly, everybody knows that can’t happen. I’m not having enough faith in myself, which is hard because, I’m not the smartest of people when it comes to school. 

Seriously, getting something wrong in school these days is just… Even a minor thing makes me so angry. I wish I could be like Alexander, or Elsa, when it comes to school, no effort required type of smart. It’s so unfair! Mind you, my friend Georgia’s pretty effortlessly smart too. I guess all my friends are really, just in different subjects. I don’t even know.

Its just one of those days, I always get these on Sunday nights, I think about school too much and worry myself. It’s always been that way, in primary school I would keep myself up all night if I forgot to do my homework, which there was no point in, the teachers really DID NOT care anyway.

I don’t know, my mind is a weird place to be. Always, always worrying, I literally cannot switch off. I need to chill, seriously. Ugh. Anyway.

Im not thinking about HIM as much as I have been recently, which is good, because I didn’t like that. It was like I was fucking obsessed or something, which never happens, and it was just super annoying. I mean… Yeah.

My weekend has been a bit of a waste to be honest. I’ve been watching social experiments on YouTube,  and that about sums it up. Okay. Well. Goodnight.

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