Late night

It’s late again. Clean up and recovery took me forever tonight. I made some serious over time this week. I’m fairly certain Big Boss will get written up for it. I understand why, but at the same time what options does he really have? Then again he’s such a pain we have employees that call out when they realize he’s running the shift. Hilarious. What’s even worse Big Boss hasn’t yet recognized this pattern. Oblivious or in denial… I’m not exactly sure which.

In other news, I think the protesting in Charlotte has finally calmed down. It’s made things here in upstate Carolina very tense. The situation was out of control. I sympathize with the anger and the fear… I really do, but resorting to rioting and job rule doesn’t help the plight. Seriously. It hinders.

It’s hard for me, as a white looking woman to really comprehend why if a black cop shots a black man – white people are at fault. Why am I being labeled as a “white devil”. If they want racism to end – why combat it with even more racism? If we want and demand equality than shouldn’t equality be given on BOTH sides of the spectrum?

In reality, I’m Hispanic, of half if there is such a thing. I have light brown hair, fair skin splattered with freckles, a slight bone structure, and an angular face. Only my eyes hint at my mixed heritage. My mom didn’t raise me with the traditions of her culture. She raised me as an American. However, when those of other races see me they instantly assume “white chick.” It’s proof that we shouldn’t always trust and judge people by the outside. I think personal character should come first. 

Totally topic jumping – I did some research and figured out I need to consume 1300 calories or less a day if I want to shed 5 – 10 pounds. Not really looking forward to tightly controlled meal plans, but it’s worth it. I have today and Monday off. I’ll try to get a work out in.

2 thoughts on “Late night”

  1. You can do it. The less you eat, after awhile, the less you want. That’s how anorexia happens (or one way)—-but you don’t need to worry about that. You’re so centered and sensible, you’ll choose just the right amount. My hubby got dentures that are still sore so we are on a MILKSHAKE diet! LOL At Chick-filet, they are so good. We eat healthy things like yogurt, too. And always my “apple and peanut butter” breakfast!

  2. When I do my hobby, I forget about food, so I try as often as possible to do something ))) because I love to eat ha ha)) It is regrettable, that you had such problems in the country 🙁 we also have black and white people, which often clash and beat each other, you have African-Americans, and we have people from the southern part of the country and southern neighbouring countries.

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