Saturday Journal

Had a long sleep till 11 AM. Got up couple times in the middle but it felt good when I woke up. Went to coffee shop to work on my side project and made some good progress. Then uber to Dosung to help him out with moving. Mostly organizing stuffs. His place looks pretty good after setting some furnitures. Maybe I should get my own place too. Had fried chicken dinner at his new place and helped him out more with cleaning up his old place.

Walked to K-fest in K-town to just checkout. The scale is not even comparable with the one in Chicago. You can only see it in LA. It was cool to check things out there! So many people sill around at 8 PM. We had some beer after then quick shopping at grocery market. Back home around 10:30 PM, shower and working on the app till now 12:32 Now and am ready to go to sleep. Just had a drink with my roommate and her drunk boy friend lol. Time to go to sleep now!

goodnight all!

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