“Sweet Lady”

The grandparents day at our grandson’s school was a success — in a way.  We were the only grandfolks that showed up for his classroom, but they were pleased to have us.  We watched them read and then we made ‘smores (which went along with the story).  But the most striking thing was a young girl named Destiny, about 9 or 10 years old.  She took to me from the start, admiring my blue eyeshadow.  She took my hand at snack time and let me to a table, saying “Come on, Sweet Lady, you can sit here, “Sweet Lady.”  The whole morning she called me that.  It captured my heart.  I’ve been praying for ever since.  She looked a tad neglected, delicate like a flower fairy.  Our grandson was proud that HIS folks showed up, I think.  It was well worth the experience.  Oh, and we got to take him to the Book Fair and loan him $10 so he could get two books instead of one!  Happy times!! Thank you, Jesus, and bless Destiny.

4 thoughts on ““Sweet Lady””

  1. those kids are very real. I have to think that their angels are especially strong? Jesus always love dearly the poor and if it applies, the fatherless.

  2. Yes, Blue, these were all special needs children; our Matthew has autism and bi-polar disorder. He has the sweetest heart, though, and he prays and goes happily to church and we do a little Bible story study each afternoon we are together. But he can get angry at himself (always himself) and kick out the kitchen cabinet door and throw things, til he calms down and then sobs “I’m so sorry…” I didn’t mean to write so much but wanted you to know in case you’d be willing to add them to your prayer list. Jacob is one year younger (14) also autistic, more so, but not complicated with other morbidities. He needs special prayer, he’s been depressed lately. I know they have mighty angels watching over them. Thanks for the affirmation.

  3. Goddess, it was a wonderful morning indeed. You would have loved this little girl, so like a fairy, petite and delicate and so SWEET. I’m hoping my grandson will maybe get a crush on her someday (smile).

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