Weekly Reflection (WK2)

Sunday 25/9

On Monday, I looked through Happify Daily and read an article titled “3 Science-Backed Ways to Handle Fear”. (See Appendix C) It gives readers 2 ways to handle fear which includes breathing in from your belly, reaching out to others and sitting with it. This was an interesting read because I get scared easily especially when I’m walking home at night or when I’m home alone and I think of scenarios that might happen to me in that moment in time. I could use these strategies to handle my fear better than just to impulsively react.

On Thursday, I used the Happier App for the first time and I joined an online course called “Meditation Vacation” which was 8 days long. Basically, each day had its own activity that focused on the 5 senses. The first activity was listening to a 15-minute podcast concerning Meditation. The background music was really soothing to listen to. (See Appendix G)

I did 3 Acts of Kindness while I was at university. I complimented my friend’s outfit which started a conversation about shopping and which stores we liked most. I bought extra lunch with me today because usually one of my friends forgets to buy lunch and I thought I’d buy more than usual. Every time I made eye contact with someone, whether it was on the way to the train station or on the way to class, I would smile at them and most of the time they’d smile back which made me feel happier.

On Sunday, I listened to a Happiness Podcast titled “Less Me, More Happiness” which was focusing less on the “I” because it leads to stress and focus more on living in the present. From my opinion, I think that previous podcasts were more interesting than this one.

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