Day 211 – Family visit and shopping

Sunday, September 25th 2016

Today was fun. We went to church and my cousin that I haven’t seen all summer since he was with the cadets came to visit with his parents. We all went to get lunch and we first tried Pizza Hut, but there was no staff to welcome us and last time we went it wasn’t good, so we went to another restaurant. I asked for no mushrooms in my quesadillas, and when I got them the taste was off, that’s when I noticed there was mushrooms, so I got a new plate and we brought the rest home, since by the time I noticed mushrooms, I ate one and a half. 

I then did some clothes shopping with my mum and we found a coat and jeans. When I got home I played on the server quite a bit and invited a new person to our polis, which is a friend of mine.

I watched Gotham and yeah.

That’s all for today.

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