A while ago The Man used my pay card to make an online purchase for something in this game he plays. As soon as I realized what he’d done I lectured him on the evils of using debit / credit cards online on your phone. I have no problem with him treating himself to a little something something to improve his game. My issue is with online transactions made over a phone. Why – theft is getting easier and easier these days.

So after that fateful day, The Man purchased Google play cards at the store and paid for his game that way. You know, the safe way. All was good in my hood. Or so I thought.

Early this morning I caved into temptation and peeked at my card’s online statement (via my phone). I usually don’t like to even enter my card number on my phone for fear some invisible cyber thief will snag my info, but my balance didn’t make sense to me. It was time to get to the bottom of it.

Sure enough my account is riddled with fraudulent Google charges. Some for 99 cents. Others for over a hundred dollars. The disputed charges have taken around $1,000 out of my account.

I called and put a block on my account. I made a separate call to dispute the charges. I’m very frazzled. In the past The Man has taken money out of the accounts and lied point blank to my face about it. Now he’s clean and sober. He deserves the benefit of the doubt. I really think it’s unlikely he’d knowingly charge $100 at a time on his game, especially when I’ve seen him buying actual Google cards.

I hate it when I’m right. Because even when I am right – it still means things are wrong for me anyways. Being cautious and knowledge doesn’t always let you stay one step ahead.

I need to scale this down. It’s not a big thing. It’s a material thing. I’ve been inconvenienced for one day. We had that money go missing and yet it took me a little over a month to even realize that there was a problem to begin with. We have our bills paid. We really haven’t gone without. I’m healthy. The Man is healthy. My 3 awesome chillings (nickname for my collective kids) are healthy. Even the cats are healthy! 

Now that I’ve gotten it out, I feel better.

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