Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen out of love?

Iv been with my “boyfriend” almost 9 months, on our 3 months anniversary i got pregnant, he’s flirted with other chicks and still does, he’d break up with me just so he could go hangout with other chicks, im 16 and he’s 19. He lives with his mom, when my mom found out i was pregnant she’d let him come to our place till i turned 16 which was only like a month. The whole beggining of my pregnancy he was mean always made me cry and the once i got ungrounded i moved in with him at his moms. It was good for a couple weeks till he got a new job then now theirs random chicks number that he’s got and hes never home, he always makes excuses why he has to leave early and threatens that he’s gonna find the babies a better mom. I’v never let a boy treat me like that but it has hurt to even think about leaving him till now, this morning we got into a fight and he will smack me and pull my hair as hard as he can and i hit him but its soft i hit lightly, he also pushes me and is aggressive, and i’m having a troubled pregnancy with twins and honestly i don’t even feel love for him because of how mean he is to me, the doctors keep saying one of my twins may not make it because shes not growing as much as the other baby and i told him and he said well at least we will have one, and i have appt for ultra sounds every week and out of like 30 appt hes came to 3 and his mom had to make him come to two of them, its pathertic, i dont know if im over exaggerating or if i should feel this way!

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  1. Hi there,

    Ummm… the behavior you are describing that your boyfriend displays is NOT in any way good. In fact, he’s endangering your health and that of your unborn children.

    “we got into a fight and he will smack me and pull my hair as hard as he can”

    This is domestic battery. This is abusive. He’s a grown man and he is hitting not only you (a child), but a pregnant child at that. This type of behavior doesn’t just go a way. He will not change unless there is intervention. You will not be able to help him change this behavior on his own. Realistically and most likely this will get worse.

    “threatens that he’s gonna find the babies a better mom.”
    This is emotional abuse. Not only that, but I’m sure these hurtful words are causing you much stress. He can not take away your child/ren.

    My advice, sweetie you’ve got to talk to your mom. This is a very bad situation. You are better off without this man.

    Also if the doctor says one twin is under developed, yes, most likely you will only give birth to one child. I have been through this as well. I am very sorry for your loss. Take the one baby and protect it.

  2. God bless your babies and you. Goddess is right on target. This fellow is BAD news. He will not treat you better, only progressively worse. Turn to your mom and begin to plan a life on your own, dear girl. I am so sorry you are going through this! My heart just aches for you. Please get yourself and the (those) babies into a safe place. God be with you and help you to make your own path in life, safely.

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