Monday 9/26/2016

After indulging in adderall, I was able to make an online blog. I never thought it would be so time consuming or maybe it’s not I just don’t know what I’m doing. My ex boyfriend suggested I started one while standing in line at Barnesand Noble buying a book about over coming depression. He should be here tomorrow. I’ll show him my work. We’re staying friends. It’s complicated… I met him in winter of 2015, while he was separating his wife. We say we met at Starbucks, but in reality it wasnt. It was while I was employed as a dancer, entertainer, entrepreneur, stripper, whatever you want to call it. We met at a club. I made some bad decisions and unloyal actions that lead to our recent breakup. I’ve officially been awake 12 hours today. I woke up at 3pm. I doubled up on my ambien the night before thinking that’s what it would take. I slept well. Unlike tonight, I will be pulling an all nighter. Watching reruns of UFC with my friend Drew. Who pulls a 9-5 tomorrow. Me, all I have on my calendar is see my ex and check for warrants. Fun.

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