What is this? Why does this happen?


So im kind of wondering why my body does this sometimes. I would always think it’s  just because I’m nervous but now that I think of it, maybe it’s something else? 

Whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation or put on the spot in something, my body acts weird. My body starts shaking, my hands get sweaty, I breath very rapidly, I can feel my heart pounding fast, my voice is shaky, would want to cry and I would just feel like I need to sit down to calm myself down. 

Why does my body act like this when I just feel… I guess nervous? Sometimes I think it’s an anxiety attack but I don’t want to think that. I just want to learn how to relax my body and calm myself down whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation. So any ideas? 

2 thoughts on “What is this? Why does this happen?”

  1. It does sound like a panic attack. The challenge is to let yourself know that you’re okay and that you will be okay. Used to get those all the time, it was worse when I was cold. Releasing judgement of myself really helped. I agree meditation helps, or just breathing in and out. Even holding one nostril. Maybe try finding the source.

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