Any authors on GNJ have an eating disorder?

I’d really like to find a few fellow authors who also suffer from an eating disorder. Or at the very least, disordered thinking about eating. I’m tired of getting bashed on forums by a bunch of fatties for my way of thinking. If I’m not careful and continue to surround myself (in the online world, anyway) with people who think it’s OK to have curves I’m going to end up turning into one of them. I honestly think that’s where weight gain begins: Thinking it’s acceptable to be as you are. No. You should be the best you can be.


3 thoughts on “Any authors on GNJ have an eating disorder?”

  1. I don’t have an eating disorder per say, but it’s something people have accused of having multiple times in my life. I eat til I am not hungry. I don’t eat until I’m full. I take small bites, pick at my food, sip water after each bite so my body gives me the “you’re not hungry” signal before it’s too late and I’m stuffed. I don’t eat out of boredom. I refuse to eat what I don’t like. People take this as rudeness – it’s not. I have a delicate palate. Why they can’t understand that is beyond me.

    In the past year I’ve noticed a slight change with my metabolism. It’s slowed down. I’m not fat, but I think I have a muffin top that’s gotta go. People over react when I refuse food and tell them I’m on a diet.

    What really matters is how you feel about yourself and you being happy with that. People will always judge so it’s futile to for go your own values to please them.

  2. @Therealgoddessianna

    First of all, is there a typo in your username, lol? Is it supposed to be “TheRealGoddessDianna?” I’ve never heard of a goddess named Ianna, but feel free to educate me, :).

    To me, your habits seem smart. Not disordered. I hate eating until I’m full. It’s gross and makes me not want to do anything.

    I guess I judge them, though so it’s only fair they judge me? I see over eating as such a weakness! And I’d rather be dead than fat, seriously. What kind of quality life can a fat person have? I’m terrified of getting fat, especially as a newlywed. I see so many women who have gone all to shit after a few years being married and all I can think is how?

  3. Lol. No, it’s not a typo.

    It’s Ianna, my name 🙂
    Also Inanna / Ianna is the name of an ancient Sumerian / Mesopotamian deity. We share a name and similar characteristics. She’s a goddess of love and at the same time war. It’s something I appreciate.

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