Bad Little Part-Time Housewife

I love chili. It’s just vegetables and a little bit of lean ground beef. If you avoid using a high calorie or salty sauce (I used Manwich this time because I had it lying around) it’s a healthy meal. Anyway, I burned the shit out of it. I know some women swear by their Crock Pot, but it hasn’t done much for me. Maybe it’s just practice and timing? I don’t know. Anyway, I said fuck it, scraped out what was good, spent 60 minutes cleaning the insert and put the good chili right back in. My husband will never know… If he knew it was burnt he wouldn’t want to eat it and I don’t blame him as I’m not all that excited to get at it either, but he doesn’t so everything is great in my house. No sense in ruining his dinner. 

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