So I guess this is the beginning. Here’s a little backstory so you know whats up.

last June, my dad passed so I moved to South Carolina to live with my older brother and his wife. They’re really strict most of the time, so I’m always anxious about everything I do. It doesn’t exactly stop me from doing stupid things, like just last week I photoshopped my grades and so far they haven’t figured it out. If they do, I’m as good as dead. My US History grade is a fifty two. I would have a higher grade if the teacher would slow down a little, and I’m pretty sure the rest of my class agrees. Another thing that sucks is my Art teacher has been MIA for 3 weeks. She posts on Instagram every day, and the other art teacher said she isn’t fired so I don’t know. I’m in AP Art and it’s  difficult to know what I’m supposed to be doing without some guidance. My boyfriend and I are (hopefully) hanging out this weekend. My family wants to meet him and take us somewhere. My dog just got on my bed and nudged my iPad, so I think that’s a sign that I should get off and give her attention, au revoir ✋🏼 (for now)


2 thoughts on “Beginning?”

  1. You definitely need a teacher, hands on, for Applied Art. Technology has overstepped its bounds, I sometimes feel. Have you had a chance to do pottery? It is a wonderful, frustrating (both) experience. Best wishes!

  2. I haven’t done pottery yet, my concentration for this class is a 2D portfolio although I hope to take 3D design my senior year. Hopefully my teacher will be back soon or we’ll get a permanent sub that knows what they’re talking about. 🙂

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