This summer I almost got into a relationship with a guy (lets call him Rob) – quite a good friend. I knew he liked me but I wasn’t sure about my own feelings. We went on a date, it was oh so nice, but I realised that I saw him as a friend rather as a love interest. He asked me out again, but I made up some reasons why I couldn’t go- I didn’t want to break his heart. days went by and we communicated less and less. 

Then came 1st September (1st day of school in my country) and as we are classmates, we had to face each other. I feared that it would be awkward, but it wasn’t that bad- we talked a little and it was fine. Things were okay untill after a few weeks later he asked me “what are we now?” I couldn’t lie any more and told him that I see him as a firend. He took it quite well at first but then we lost contact completely. I  planned to approach him and fix our friendship but then about four days ago I found out that he got a girlfriend. She is a nice girl (also our classmate) and I am happy that he found someone that could return his feelings, but I really miss being friends with him. Now we dont even greet each other. I think he hates me. 

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