Everything He does for us.

I’m on my lunch break.  I was thinking just how much his Spirit does for us.  How much He carries us.  How much He speaks for us in everyday conversations.  The statement is true, “For without Him, we can do nothing.”  Is it only us being able to recognize the beautiful characteristics of a bright, sunny, blue morning in September?  Is it only us being able to feel compassion for those whom compassion has been prescribed?  Is it only our faculties and enterprise that keeps our families and friends together?  “For without Him we can do nothing.”  

     Is it innate human goodness keeping crime rates manageable?  Is it just us comforting a sick and ill loved one, a downtrodden and heartbroken loved one?  Is it just us who acts on the intuition to reach out to someone?  Of course it isn’t.  It’s all Him.  Will He always do these things?  What of the restrainer He speaks of in the 2 Thessalonians?  He tells us that He will not always restrain.  So let us be mindful of Him.  Let us pray for mercy first, and  the preservation of His soundness that He imparts.   —For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way.”–  How happy is He for those who enter into His restraint.  May we pray to stay in His restraint.  Allow us, Almighty, to be in your peace, where our beings are.  “The Lord is my shepherd.”  That was written in the text of a sheep herder, without technology, without suburbs.  In our modern herd, placed in  metropolis and concrete meadows, He continually shepherds us into His restraint or His Restrainer.  

God bless You, King Jesus, and the mystery of Your restraint, the same restraint that stifles and muffles the powers of darkness who wish to promote anti-Christ.  How dark and non-omniscient must those vicious and poisonous powers of darkness be?  May we never see them.  May we rebuke them if we sense them and their sin.  

“When You were here before, I couldn’t look You in the eye.”  


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