Good starting of the week!

Sep/26 Monday!

I felt tired waking up today. In fact, I woke up late and had to rush up for getting ready but got to the office not to late. Still hadn’t fully woke up for first couple hours in the office but got into my projects eventually and was able to focus till end of the day. Got a lot done! new login page and the setting up the documentation for the new theme. The login page design is temporary that we can use till we get our new theme up. Spent morning time to get that done and a short lunch adventure with Nikita in 101 degrees weather in LA. I found myself enjoying woking on documentation as well. It makes me realize things that I could have done better in a way that easier for others to use my framework. Learning everyday and it feels great! Also, chatted with Shaq about my side project and learning so much from him. I couldn’t really keep up with information he’s throwing out lol. So glad to see have people like him around me!

Got off the office at 7 PM and skated back to home. 125mm skate gives me a very hard time pushing forward but more workout I assume. I went to gym tonight and ended up working out about an hour. Arm and chest. I got off the gym at 9 PM and it felt so great!! I really missed this feeling and haven’t had that ever since I moved to LA till today. So glad I worked out tonight. I feel very health and clean also so energetic! Looking for a place to have a dinner then ended up at K-town again lol Tried Beef soup place on Wilshire. It was just okay. Checked out a massage place next door to just get the information and stopped by at Dosung’s for a cigarette which I kind of wanna quit eventually.

Back home little before 11 PM, shower and writing journal before I go to sleep. I think I’m going to work out at night now on. I just love this feeling right now and believe it will improve my life style much more. Okay, I’m going sleep! Goodnight All!

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