The pagan no no

From time to time in my journal I’ve expressed some of the things that I whole heartedly believe in and also I’ve touched upon my feelings toward different religious beliefs that I can not live my life following. In other words I’ve vented about a few of the issues that leaves me unsettled when it comes to Christianity.

I’m pagan. I’ve said this quite a few times. I believe in the Earth. My life and those of my ancestors comes from the Earth. I live my life by respecting those that share occupancy on this amazing planet with me. I highly respect and value the life force of all things. In a way I revere it even though I believe that we live more than one life.

I’m also an omnivore. That’s sort of a faux pas in the pagan world. It’s considered almost cannibalistic and selfish. Then why not change my diet so that I can better practice my faith? Some even go so far as to believe that by consuming animals one will not be able to achieve enlightenment.

I know it sounds like a cop out, but I can’t. I’m very anemic. My blood does not clot easily. I take supplements, but my doctors repeatedly told me that’s not enough. I also have a metabolic disorder. I’ve been warned repeatedly to stay healthy I need to eat meat. I myself notice a huge improvement in my over all well bringing if I eat a proper balance of meat, veggies, and fruit.

No 2 pagans share all the same ideals. The overall concepts are very similar, but there are so many different branching view points and practices. I for one, believe in prana energy. Prana is the vital life force in all living things. It is blood and soul. There for I feel I actually achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness by consuming a higher level of prana (for example, a medium rare steak).

As the new year approaches I’ve reflected upon my personal journey of growth and development. I’d say I’m awakened and aware, always striving towards full enlightenment. Am I there? No. Will I ever be there? I don’t presume that to occur. There will always be mistakes and room for improvement.

Back to the meat thing… It’s come to my attention that I lack the proper attitude of respect and gratitude towards the sacrifices other lives have been forced to suffer in order to sustain me. In other words, I will happily chow down on some chicken, but take no time to appreciate the journey it has made to reach my dinner plate. This in the coming year, will be rectified. I will also attempt to be more particular about the meat sources I consume (meaning free range verse animals that lived horrible lives in a slaughter house). So that’s that.

I intend to blog more on occasion about other aspects of how I live a fairly pagan life style as I feel like this is something that’s been put on the back burner because I’ve been too wrapped up in other issues. My development has gone stagnant. I’ve become restless. This needs to change.

3 thoughts on “The pagan no no”

  1. I am not pagan but what little I know about it, I like. I was brought up Christian and I respect Christianity but I am no longer comfortable with it as a core belief system for me. It doesn’t work. I didn’t know pagan’s are supposed to be vegetarian. Although my diet is much more plant based these past few years – I do eat meat. I believe there are vital nutrients that meat provides that plants don’t. Peace to you soul sister 🙂

  2. Not all pagans are vegans / vegetarians, but most of the hardcore ones are. Animals have a soul and by consuming animals, I am engaging in the destruction of another life. All life is sacred. So by eating meat, I’m like an accessory to murder.

    However, look at the Native Americans. They were both in touch with the natural and the spirit world. They also ate meat. They made the animals death a purposeful one. They didn’t waste. They respected their food.

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