After buying my Indian Motorcycle, I had Debbie call our insurance company about taking the Harley off and putting my Indian on. Now mind you I have been insured since I bought my Harley, even with this current company. But they tell Debbie I have to have a motorcycle permit? I mean what the hell? I have been stopped by the Police in the past and nothing was said about not having a motorcycle permit.

Getting one is more difficult than you can imagine. Even the simplest of tasks at the main DMV Office is an all day affair. When I got my carry concealed permit it really, honestly took all day long! I can only imagine how difficult they make it to get a motorcycle permit.

So like a lot of folks I opted for a beginners motorcycle course at the local community college. The class was a 2 day affair of 8 hours each day, and of that 10 hours were range work.

The instructors were long time riders, one a German fellow with a severe distain for American Motorcycles, or anu expensive motorcycle. There were two brothers in my class that were Harley riders, they caught grief over Harley Davidson, the German not really knowing what he was talking about. And I, well I did not escape his wrath, he was constantly making remarks about my $30,000 Indian Motorcycle. Show what he knows, it was only $22,000!!! 

The Classroom part of the course was easy enough, but the range was a mutha! I got nothing but negativity, nothing positive. I could do nothing right in thee fellows eyes. I was told by one I was going to slow, the other said I was to fast. One would tell me I was braking too soon, the other too late. It went like this for 5 hours each damn day. I came home Saturday with my spirit shattered and my heart broken. I was ready to get rid of my bike.

But I returned the next day with the I don’t really give a f*** attitude……

The range work was failure after failure.

Finally it was time for the 5 Stage of the State Required Test.

Amazingly, most of what they called themselves teaching was not on the test. I did the test and scored a 96!

On the written test I scored a 97!

So I now have my Motorcycle Operators Permit!

I have been to the satellite DMV office to get that permit and to renew my Carry Concealed Permit, and that took almost two hours!

Today I rode my motorcycle for the first time in my life with a motorcycle permit, and honestly I was no safe, no different than before. Just another way for the Government to generate revenue.

Debbie is coming along fine with her recovery, though she is still limited to staying upstairs. She returns to the Surgeon on October 20 and we will find out then if she can start putting weight on that foot.

Finally the heat has broken and it is starting to feel like Fall!! The mornings are crisp and refreshing, and the heat does not boil up till late afternoon.

All for now.

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