Entry Three ~

It’s been just over a month now and things are looking very well! 

Got my first animation about Black Holes uploaded to Swinburne’s youtube  channel 

Starting to build up my workload but not too much at the same time which is awesome. Managing this many people isn’t half that bad because i’m able to create what they want in essential time frames.

I’m enjoying the animations i am creating and currently doing an animation on galaxy formations and quasar absorption lines, soon enough i will be drawing some portraits of some Astronomers as well! 

I am learning more and more about astronomy as well as building my skills and focus as a designer. 

One thought on “Entry Three ~”

  1. Wow. I have to say, most of what you wrote is way over my head. But it sounds exciting and you must have a wonderful, creative future ahead of you!! I’m glad for you.

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