feeling lost

I work so hard to be so average.  The world is changing and I feel it in my soul.  I hate feeling like this, like everything is caving in around me.  I know i’m this small spec of sand on a beach, but i also know that i do matter.  I just don’t feel that i matter.  How am i supposed to help others if i am lost.  I don’t know who i’m writing to or even if it means anything to anyone.  Being invisible sucks, but its worse to be invisible to yourself as well as the world.  I don’t know who i am.

2 thoughts on “feeling lost”

  1. you aren’t invisible… you have complete purpose in this world.. stay encouraged .. sometimes we allow the negative to over rule the positives.. life is like an ocean.. we can either sink or swim… we are only on this planet for a small amount of time.. life is a learning process, just as you learned to walk and talk … its a process.. have patience and have faith!!

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