Today I had a US History test, and I’d studied every day for the past week in order to get at least a B on it, I got a 58 (F). The highest grade in the class was a 63! That’s ridiculous! The teacher said we would have an easier test tomorrow to bring the grade up. Still no art teacher, but I’ve been drawing a lot. They’re just these simple looking line drawings, but everyone seems to like them. 

I think I’m gonna sell my guitar, I haven’t played it in over a year and I could use a little money, I might use it to buy a new phone. My old one is slowly deteriorating, plus my family wouldn’t have to know about this one, so they couldn’t take it. I have a geometry test tomorrow. I feel like it’s going to be fairly easy, but I won’t get my hopes up. 

The font style and size keeps changing and I don’t know why, but it’s making me mad. Anyways, I’m hoping there will be a blood drive at my school soon, I’m finally old enough to donate blood (with a parent/guardian signature) I’ve always wanted to donate blood, I’m not sure why. I just wanna experience as much as I can, so why not donate blood?

tomorrow is 2 amazing months with my wonderful boyfriend so that’s pretty awesome. I should probably get back to studying (I’m not actually studying I’m drawing) 

adios amigos ✌🏻️

update: me and the fam went to eat dinner at Lizards Thicket. Pretty uneventful. We got some things from dollar tree, I got some makeup setting powder and a shirt, then I got lectured on borrowing eyeliner… oops. Oh well, life goes on. 

Adios pt. II

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