Oh my goodness

I’m sitting on my bed after today.

I feel like I just came in from the rain. But there’s no precipitation. I just soggy with emotion.

Is this is how it feels when people get close to me? I’ll take single for $500 (Jeopardy).

I’m sick of everything. I have to go into work tomorrow with a dumbed down personality of myself.  I can’t wait for the day when I am doing something meaningful and I am content.

Right now I’m just stressed, and it’s not the money. How ironic.

It sucks being sensitive to the people in your environment. People have always mattered the most to me. You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything… who you are with can affect (affect?) your experience.

My heart wants me to cry but my brain is saying, “What’s the point?”

I, I, I, I.

I can only feel what I feel.

One thought on “Oh my goodness”

  1. The people we are with can most definitely make or break the quality of our experiences. Have you considered finding a new job? BTW you spelled “affect” correctly. (smile) I hope you will feel better tomorrow. God bless you.

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