noun: scatterbrain; plural noun: scatterbrains

  1. a person who tends to be disorganized and lacking in concentration 

Are you one of them? I know how it feels. Also when my bf is definitely the opposite, I know how stressed he was. Yes, he was. Now he seems pretty chill. No longer doing his “disallow” thingy. Maybe he has understood me or he does not give a damn anymore. I am that stubborn. A super-moody bitch. But he said still happy for being together with me though. Even I am that hard-to-handle, I am trustworthy and loyal. =)
I told him I am a smoker, I like to “drink” since we were dating. I am not that sweet (as he told me he likes a girl to be girly and cute). My face is just the skin. Believe me I am not that innocent. Even we are pretty different, we know how to respect-communicate-stick to each other. Just now we were talking about cutting my hair way way shorter and dye it into Ash Grey color. He said go ahead. He would not let me if I brought this up a year ago! Hahaha.

OK back to SCATTERBRAIN. What are the signs? Got this from an article anyway.
1. Multitasking lowers the quality of your work (and probably isn’t making your scatterbrain situation any better), your wandering mind won’t back down.
2. Your mind becomes the director of your in-house soap opera, where you play all the starring roles.
3. Getting ready to leave house takes 5 times longer than you planned.
4. You have lots of unrelated ideas everyday.
5. Incredibly disorganised with your bag.
6. Often forget to attach the attachment of your emails.
7. Making list is your salvation.

THOSE STUFFS ARE HAPPENING TO ME. I am so damn reckless! But I feel like I don’t intent to change though. I am like, “well this is me, so bear with me.” -> this makes my bf quite mad hehehe.
My bag is crazy, I left some used paper tissue or mask, useless plastics, expired lipbalm (gross!). So careless to take care of my own stuffs! Also when sent an email to boss few times forgot to attach the file. My browser’s history? Very random. And I am a director of the movie inside my head of course!! No one can stop me from daydreaming. NO ONE.

I hope by living in Oz will make a huge change of me. Wiser, not so moody, gain a bigger heart.
Oh geez I need to make a list before leaving this lovely country~~

Making new adventure, making new friends, but wont make any new love (duh!).
I am sure I will have many funny stories down there. ^^
Oh hell yeah finally this little-scatterbrained lady goes to Melbourne!!! Living wild and free~
What will happen to Dennicia? Stay tune for the next season. LDR Part 2. Ha!

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