Tuesday journal

12:18 AM already. I’m going to make this quick and go to sleep. Although, I’m not sure if I can fall asleep right away.

Good day at work as usual. Kept myself busy for working on a style guide for the new theme. It’s coming out pretty nicely and also gets me very excited to see a new theme goes live. There are so many things to improve but it’s a very good first step! Hope more people see the potential of what we can do from here. Worked till little bit after 6 PM and skated back to home.

Drove to downtown for the Tuesday night skate. Great time as usual but got an issue with 125mm skate for the 1/3rd of the skate that my skin got irrigated by the liner. Not sure if I like the skate. I don’t really feel like I’m breaking in this new skate I got couple months ago. However, overall great time! back home around 11 PM, had a beer before I took a shower and got ready for sleep. Gotta go now! Goodnight all!

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