a bit of good fortune

I am so broke right now that I was complaining about it yesterday in my entry. I won a $25 gift certificate at work today. I won it via merit – not luck, so I earned it, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, it could have come two days ago, I suppose. I spent all of it and $2 of my money, too. We should be okay now until I get paid on Friday. I have got to try to do a better job of budgeting my check this time. I think I will be able to because I don’t think I have anything major or out of the ordinary as far as expenses. I am hoping I get a really big tax refund this year so I can get out of credit card debt and pay my brother back. Well, I am definitely paying my brother back in February, no matter what, I just hope I have enough money left over to make a sizable dent in my credit card debt as well. I don’t know how I got in such a mess. Depression, I suppose, is to blame. I keep trying to do things to make me feel better- like getting facials or new shoes. And I spent a lot of money trying to win Brent over- on his birthday, movie tickets, our trip to Louisville. All to no avail. 

I am so tired. It is 8:08 and I’m getting ready to go to sleep. I go so hard all the time. I don’t really know what for.

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